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How to delete “Personalization settings” made by an End-User in the SAP CRM WEBUI?

Before I explain the details, let me first give you just a short use-case WHY you would want to do this?

Before a project Go-Live, the functional SAP CRM consultants have adapted screens to the requirements of the end-users, meaning based on the business input, you have made certain screen configurations , and made certain assignment blocks visible or not, you have defined whether they should be shown collapsed or opened direct on loading of the business object. Continue reading »

How to find which personalization settings someone made using the “personalization” link in the system links

Let me first start with the following question: Why in God’s name would someone be interested in this kind of information in the first place? Well –let me tell you that whenever you encounter a certain “bug” in your system (especially the type where you have an issue for a specific user –that is using the same SAP CRM business role –has the same authorizations, and you are trying to figure out what is going on – you are struggling to find a solution – you are looking for the needle in the haystack) than at this point the information below “might” be very relevant for you. Continue reading »

Logon is not possible because you have not been assigned to a business role; please contact your system administrator

Hi :-)  I am sorry, but I thought this title would be funny to use. Whenever I start working/participating in a new SAP CRM project implementation, a lot of people just starting to work with SAP CRM usually ask me -Hey Davy - I got a User account and I managed to logon via the SAPGUI...but when I try out the URL (the link to the CRM WEBUI) that was given to me by the project implementation team, I get this message? What's the problem and can you solve this for me?  Continue reading »

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