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SAP CRM Middleware Performance Tips

This article will elaborate a bit more on some tips to achieve a better SAP CRM Middleware performance, looking at:
1. Reduce single of records in the R/3
2. Change the naming queues
4. Maintain parameter MAX_PARALLEL_PROCESSES
5. SAP Note 350176 - CRM/EBP: Performance improvement during exchange of data
6. SAP Note 1441788 - Composite SAP note: Middleware performance (CRM server)
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How To SuperQuickly share an SQVI Query between colleagues ?

In the past I already explained 1 way to share an SQVI query (which was a bit more elaborated and took a bit more effort to do so).

See my previous blogpost:




The advantage of the above method is that it’s a more official way of actually converting an SQVI Query into a SQ01 query which is shared with a certain user group.


However, suppose you just want to quickly share a query you build (just to analyse and test a certain bug which now is fixed –so you’ll probably do not need this query once the fix in your production system)  with some people and therefore are not looking for an ‘official’ method to share the SQVI query as SQ01 query.


Then the following approach is definitely the quickest way I recently figured out :-)

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Custom Program to change mass password in SAP !!

We all know how much pain it is to reset password if we have a list of hundreds of user !! :(

In the past days I developed a program with one of my friend, which can help us to reset password for no. of users !!

You can ask your ABAP Consultant to develop a REPORT with below code (only if your client allows), and execute same to reset password for no. of user.

Like and Comment if you find this useful.

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How to open system for sap and maintain OSS ID in secure area.

Hi Guys,

Today am going to discuss "How to open a system for SAP and maintain OSS ID in secure area". I will try to explain this using various screenshot, so that you can visulize same without any doubt.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubt or advise.

First of all we need to login to SAP Market place using your S-User ID.


Now we will go into Help and support and under that, click on Connect to SAP. Continue reading »

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