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Finding Tables and Fields within SAP CRM

Finding tables can be very frustrating and time consuming, especially within SAP CRM where all programming is object oriented. Finding tables has become more important when off-shoring was introduced. Functional specifications have to be at a very high quality level. During my working time I have collected some tips & tricks how to speed up this process.

Basically there is a very simple step method which can be used in any case. Dependent on your experience you will probably skip some steps because you know this is not working. Following step list can be used for finding tables and fields: Continue reading »

Maintain the regional structure information directly on your SAP Productive system

Just a quick post about a problem we recently had at our customer.

We are using SAP CRM and all address related data such streets; postal codes, cities and so on are stored in the SAP Regional structure database tables.

Address information related to streets, postal codes, cities and so on can be uploaded into your SAP system using data delivered by a third party such as for example Tom Tom. Continue reading »

6 Tips to more efficiently look for THE relevant OSS note for your issue

Probably anyone who will read this post (at least those people working as an SAP consultant) will already use SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com) to search for a SAP OSS note whenever you are looking for a solution for a bug, short dump, BSP error, process related problem and so on. Now, that’s fine. As I participate in SAP Project implementations, but also work a lot as an SAP Support Consultant I regularly have to search for a SAP OSS note. This post is about techniques I use to actually FIND the relevant OSS note, and this in a time-efficient manner. Now, don’t underestimate the effect of being able to find the right OSS note. Continue reading »

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