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SAP CRM Authorizations:ISSUES with ST01 Authorization Tracing in SAP CRM

In this article I will give you a great tip that might save you a real headache and especially a lot of wasted hours when solving an authorization issue in SAP CRM. This article is related to the usage of the authorization object UIU_COMP that is used in SAP CRM to give access to Work Centers, Navigation Links, Direct Create links and other Views in SAP CRM. Continue reading »

Logon is not possible because you have not been assigned to a business role; please contact your system administrator

Hi :-)  I am sorry, but I thought this title would be funny to use. Whenever I start working/participating in a new SAP CRM project implementation, a lot of people just starting to work with SAP CRM usually ask me -Hey Davy - I got a User account and I managed to logon via the SAPGUI...but when I try out the URL (the link to the CRM WEBUI) that was given to me by the project implementation team, I get this message? What's the problem and can you solve this for me?  Continue reading »

How can you check which User Parameters are set for a User?

When talking about User Parameters, I am referring to the ones you can set in your SAP User Master Record (SU01).

Usually the User administrator will maintain specific generic user parameters for all users.

At most companies, users are also allowed to maintain their own user parameters using the transaction code SU3 – assuming they have access to the SAP GUI. Continue reading »

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