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SAP CRM Authorizations: ACE (Access Control Engine) explained online!


I know quite some people were intrested to learn more about ACE which stands for Access Control Engine and which you can see as an additional security layer on top of you normal SAP CRM Authorizations setup (the latter part is based on your authorization objects).

As there are quite some good other blogposts out there about this topic, I am not going to reinvent the wheel. Continue reading »

FREE SAP CRM Authorizations EBOOK


I have been reluctant to do this as I invested really a lot of time in this ebook in the past but as I have seen many people struggle with SAP CRM authorizations in the past I will do this anyway. In 2007 I actually wrote my personal  SAP CRM Security 'bible', based on my personal research, testing and documenting all I learned about this particular topic. I actually sold this information in the past - but as of the newest releases this information is not "100% applicable" anymore, but still very useful if you want to learn the basics ... Continue reading »

Necessary Authorization in order to Use the SAP CRM User Parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE


just a quick update about the usage of the SAP CRM User Parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE.

In my previous posts I already elaborated the usage of this User Parameter.

See other posts like:

Now,what I explained actually does work this way, BUT I overlooked one important remark! Continue reading »

How To Create A New Authorization Object in SAP?

In this post I am going to show you the exact steps used in order to create a new authorization object in any SAP system such as SAP ECC & SAP CRM.

In certain contexts, you may need several authorizations to perform an operation in the SAP system. The resulting contexts can be very complex. The SAP authorization concept has been realized on the basis of authorization objects to provide an understandable and easy-to-follow procedure. Several system elements that are to be protected form an authorization object. Continue reading »

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