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How SAP CRM Security Works

As I am always on the look for useful information about SAP CRM security, I sometimes stumble on interesting topics and/or other websites.

One of these is the website called HowCrmWorks

They seem to create great info graphics, which I personally think are quite innovative to explain something in an interesting way. I asked them if they would allow me to reference useful posts they make on my website and they agreed, so here we go.

One of those info graphics looks like this: How SAP CRM Security Works ? Continue reading »

SAP CRM Authorizations: creating your PFCG Authorization role based on the configured SAP CRM Business Role

In this article I will try to shed some light onto some tools /reports SAP provides us to facilitate the authorization role creation & assignment  process  in SAP CRM.

I will also give a critical (and personal) view on this process and appreciate your feedback if you have likewise or other experiences, opinions about this topic.


I hope you already understand that the latest releases of SAP CRM are based on the CRM Business Role concept. If you do not, than make sure you read previous posts I made about this subject, as it is “mandatory knowledge”! Continue reading »

Analysis of relevant Customizing Tables related to Business Role Customizing

I once took the time to investigate what customizing tables were used behind business role configuration and more specifically the navigation bar profile related tables.

Based on this research I have been able to create some useful queries related to SAP CRM Authorization administration. I elaborated these queries in my previous blog posts related to the usage of UIU_COMP.

But now, in order to actually "visually" SEE how this works, I think you might benefit from the file I actually created for this whole purpose.

It's basically some sort of table diagram including screenshots so you know and understand how this all fits together. Continue reading »

How to identify the relevant UI_COMP data based on second level Navigation links

To continue with my series of extreme useful queries in the context of SAP CRM Authorization Administration, allowing you to quickly identify the relevant UIU_COMP authorization values needed in order to grant or withdraw access to particular navigation links with the SAP CRM WEBUI, I created a short tutorial for you. Continue reading »

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