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Access Control Engine in CRM

Introduction to ACE

A lot of big clients having big or complex CRM installations face the same problem: how can we restrict the users only to particular data that they need to see?

We don’t mean authorizations related to functionality, but related to business content (Real time data). Imagine you run a big business and have millions of customers worldwide. Then a sales representative responsible for a group of customers in Region AAA should not see any customers from Region XXX in his search results. Or a sales representative with responsibility for a certain branch should not be bothered with customers of other branches. Most important here is if the structure of the sales organization changes, you don’t want to end up changing all kind of authorization profiles/Roles.

To solve these issues, SAP came up in CRM with a pretty nice solution: CRM-ACE. This stands for Access Control Engine and is a framework to dynamically calculate user dependent access rights on object level. It originates from Channel Management but works in all PCUI (People Centric User Interface) functionalities. One Limitation here is, it doesn’t work in other environments like IC Web client or via the SAP GUI.
Now ACE works in the SAP CRM Web UI as well. Continue reading »

SAP CRM Authorizations: Process flow of the Authorization Check in Business Transactions

In this article I will show you where you can find more information about the "authorization check" that takes place in business transactions in SAP CRM. At the same time I will try to elaborate all checks in a specific blog post in the next coming weeks, so you"ll learn all relevant customizing checks/steps that are relevant to setup such a concept. I'll also explain in details the authorization objects that are relevant for each particular check using 1 or more examples. Continue reading »

Very Useful online Source(s) with regards to SAP Authorizations

A couple of years ago, when I was searching for useful information about SAP Security/SAP Authorizations I stumbled upon an incredible source of information online. Doing some more research the past year I actually found more and more quality blogs about this particular topic. Below you'll find a list of 3 websites I think you'll find beneficial. Continue reading »

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