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How can you Easily Identify to which position or Organizational Unit a SAP CRM Business Role has been assigned?

Whenever you start working at a new customer who has implemented SAP CRM, you will probably be working in the newest releases of SAP CRM, being CRM 7.0 which uses the CRM Web User Interface, which is based on the business role concept.


In my other blogs on www.sapuniversity.eu I already explained that business role assignment can be done in 3 ways.


See the article: http://sapuniversity.eu/logon-is-not-possible-because-you-have-not-been-assigned-to-a-business-role-please-contact-your-system-administrator/


Now, in order to properly test the business processes you normally use the method of business role assignment that is determined during logon based on the assignment of the User (linked to the employee master record) which is assigned to a position in the organisation model.


Usually – the customer already has running a SAP CRM environment and as such the setup of the organisational model is already in place. Now – probably they have already defined several business roles in customizing that are adapted to the customer specific requirements and furthermore, these business roles are probably already assigned to either 1 or multiple organisational units and/or positions. Continue reading »

Custom Program to change mass password in SAP !!

We all know how much pain it is to reset password if we have a list of hundreds of user !! :(

In the past days I developed a program with one of my friend, which can help us to reset password for no. of users !!

You can ask your ABAP Consultant to develop a REPORT with below code (only if your client allows), and execute same to reset password for no. of user.

Like and Comment if you find this useful.

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How to open system for sap and maintain OSS ID in secure area.

Hi Guys,

Today am going to discuss "How to open a system for SAP and maintain OSS ID in secure area". I will try to explain this using various screenshot, so that you can visulize same without any doubt.

Feel free to comment if you have any doubt or advise.

First of all we need to login to SAP Market place using your S-User ID.


Now we will go into Help and support and under that, click on Connect to SAP. Continue reading »

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