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Creating your own maintenance view and link it to SPRO Customizing – Part3

In the previous parts of the blog, I created a maintenance view and attributed a specific layout to it different from the generated one.

If you have not read the first 2 parts, here are the links:

Part 1

Part 2

Perhaps you are now wondering how to call this view from SPRO and link it to a specific customizing point? If it is the case, then continue reading this third and last part of the blog! Continue reading »

Creating your own maintenance view and link it to SPRO Customizing – Part2

You probably remember our requirement to extend SPRO customizing with a specific point to maintain specific tables.

In “Part 1” of the blog, I created the specific tables and defined foreign keys relationships between them. Finally, I created a maintenance view that joins these tables and generated a view maintenance dialog that looks as follows. Continue reading »

Table Creation: Minor mistake but Major Problem - Part 1


    Ever faced a problem where you felt you have done everything right but after executing there was no O/P or a wrong O/P . You break your head checking out each and every step where you have gone wrong but end up finding nothing.In this blog I will discuss  about such a problem I went through in the initial days of my career when creating a table...

First, I will start with the creation of a table in SAP. I think most of you are already aware of this. Guys, who are new to SAP ABAP. This is for you.... Continue reading »

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