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How to extend vendor or customer master data with SAP enhancement spots

Master data in accounts receivable and accounts payable modules are basic data for processing business transactions with customers and vendors. These data include information about business partners that are categorized into three organizational levels: general data, company data and purchasing data.

Even though standard master data records contain most important and recurrent information required for conducting business transactions, they are in some special business processes insufficient to model all partners’ information. In order to fulfill these special requirements, it is necessary to enhance standard master data with additional fields.

For this purpose, SAP provides dedicated enhancement spots that enable enhancing customer or vendor master data, without making any modification in SAP standard.

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2 Tips to avoid most common bugs related to "FOR ALL ENTRIES"

This blog is mainly intended for junior developers and consultants, who would like to discover the use of statement "For all entries" in addition to the "SELECT" command.

This statement is often used since it is a simple and practical way to fetch table records based on keys of an internal table retrieved previously.
However, you should be aware of its drawbacks to avoid 2 common bugs related to it.
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How to create a Search Help with an Exit

Every SAP user knows the user-friendly search help that offers a list of possible values for a given zone after pressing F4.

Thanks to this option, it is possible to choose easily an entry without any need for controlling its relevance, since it is automatically supported by the search help functionality.

If you have luck, you would find a standard search help with adequate filters that fulfill your requirement. But, it is not so obvious to find the right search help! Continue reading »

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