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Custom Program to change mass password in SAP !!

We all know how much pain it is to reset password if we have a list of hundreds of user !! :(

In the past days I developed a program with one of my friend, which can help us to reset password for no. of users !!

You can ask your ABAP Consultant to develop a REPORT with below code (only if your client allows), and execute same to reset password for no. of user.

Like and Comment if you find this useful.

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How To Read The Document Flow in SAP CRM: use case illustration

Hi, today I was explaining a bit more about SAP CRM processes to a couple of ABAP developers making their first steps in the SAP CRM development scene.

One of them was trying to find out how the document flow could be retrieved based on a follow-up document.

I overheard some other CRM consultant starting to speak about tables...and thought there should be a better and more efficient way then reading out table relationships.

I therefore  consulted my best friends Google.com as well as SDN/SCN and quickly was able to find not only the relevant tables but also a function module that might do the job. Continue reading »

Step By Step Tutorial on How to setup your very own SAP Trial system


a great guy called Peter Moxon, who like me is an SAP consultant,  has created several very good SAP courses. They can be found at a largely reduced price on our website under the section "SAP training". For that matter I will also be able to offer you a 50% discount on many other courses in the next couple of weeks.


But today, I wanted to let you know how you can access a short online training "How to setup your own SAP Trial System". This is completely free for all our SAP University readers and really explains step by step how you can do so. Continue reading »

Creation and consuming of a WebService in SAP ABAP without the obsolete transaction LPCONFIG


This article demonstrates the entire process of creation and consuming of a WebService in SAP ABAP.

There are few changes made by SAP in the screens of transactions like SOAMANAGER, that we see in the process of configuring the WebService definition and the transaction LPCONFIG, which is used to create the logical port in the process of consuming the WebService is obsolete. Continue reading »

Displaying ALV in Splitter Container with heading using ABAP OO


Splitter Container can be used to display data either from two or more tables or from a single table based on particular conditions in ALV format using a single container at a time.

The classes that are used for achieving this are as follows,

  5. CL_DD_DOCUMENT. Continue reading »
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