Business Partner Role BUP001 not created for Contact Persons in the CRM WEBUI

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In the standard Contact application you create a Contact Person with a relationship to an Account.

After saving the Contact Person, the business partner role "Contact Person" doesn't get created for the Contact Person automatically.

This might have negative impact on the Contact search if you require identifying Contact Persons by assignment of the Contact Person-role.

SAPGUI Behavior:
When working in older CRM releases, whenever you created a Contact person, during the creation process this business partner always got the business partner role “BUP001”, mainly as you would create a business partner in that specific business partner role.

Via the transaction code BP, we would create a new “Person” which we would maintain as “Contact Person” by creating this business partner with the BP role “Contact Person” (BUP001).

After having created the business partner in this business partner role, when verifying table BUT100, where all the assigned business partner roles are stored, you would see the following:

WEB UI Behavior
In the CRM WEBUI (example taken in CRM 7.0) we click on the work center “Account Management”.


Next, on the work center page, we click on the navigation link

create “Contact”.

When we save this business partner, you will notice that no business partner role “Contact person” is maintained in table BUT100.

By applying the following “OSS Note 1117424 - Contact Person-role not created for Contact Persons” this can be solved!

  • After applying this note, also the “contact persons” created through the WEBUI are created with the business partner role BUP001.
  • In table view CRMC_BP_UIU_CPRL you should now see the following:

After having applied OSS note 1117424 I created another contact person (make sure to log off and on again, after you applied this note).

If we now check table BUT100, we see that the Business Partner Role BUP001 is added to this contact person.

Remark: make sure to also read Note 1239642 - Missing maintenance view for table CRMC_BP_UIU_CPRL!

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